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Increase your traffic and ad revenue with the best personalized
media platform.

Display your advertisement in Over 200 Premium Media Using Adshine

Personalized News

Analyzing visitors' news reading patterns.

Related News

We analyze news content alongside user logs.

Top News

The most viewed from categories that have been provided collectively.


Services We Provide

Adshine.io has world-class data processing capabilities made up of professionals with more than 5 years of experience.

We guarantee a high rate of return with technology that can automatically improve the quality of recommendations by matching user behaviors in recommendation results.


High visitor traffic and advertising revenue

Among potential customers, personalization technology and native ads are attracting attention as effective revenue models in terms of preference and focus. With the best personalization technology in the country, these ads deliver Native Ads to areas of high concentration, ensuring high returns.

Perfect Targeting

Based on interest, geography, media, time of day, etc.

200 Massive

Media in Indonesia.

Realtime Performance

Verification & duplicate click prevention system.

Fast application

within 2 hours and the A/B test.

Adshine Native Ads is a Personalized
Advertising Service that Delivers Content-type
Ads to Indonesia Media Network.


Client Setisfaction


Daily Pay


Business Growing

Our Expert


Adshine has the best personalization technology in Korea that finds content or products according to interests and areas and more.

Machine learning

Adshine uses machine learning technology to automatically improve the quality of recommendations by reflecting user behavior in the recommendation results.


Adshine optimizes media, timing, and targeting automatically to help advertisers achieve maximum efficiency.

Features of Adshine
Native Ads

Various types of content

You can create, modify, and add content in real-time, and you can create a variety of content according to your needs, including card news, videos, and app downloads.

Easy control of ad campaigns

Through the Dable platform, you can easily manage a wide variety of content and campaigns that can be adapted to your situation.

Automatic Optimization

Through the following script, you can track the activity of the final destination, and based on this method it will automatically optimize the media, content, and time.

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